Tips and Software for Blind Linux Users

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Speech and Braille CSombined

There is already speech (Emacsspeak , Screader ) and Braille (BRLTTY) software, but no combined solution. This was the reason for me to start the development of a combined version. Instead of reinventing the wheel, as much as possible has been used from existing software:

Is a program to control a Braille terminal. It supports different hardware connected to the serial ports and gets the screen content from the kernel (/dev/vcs to be more exact) or from a shared segment filled by screader . Limited speech support in BRLTTY allows to read the current line when you have a program that reads ascii from standard input and converts it to spoken text.
HADIFIX is a text to phoneme converter (for German language only), the first stage of a text to speech converter, MBROLA is a synthesizer to generate speech from the phonemes.

To create a complete speech solution, only some missing parts have to be added:

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How to Configure Programs for Speech and Braille

lynx, pine (under construction)

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