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Some Information about this Web Pages

I want to built up a Running Page concerning germany . In the last years many race calendars were published in the internet. The DLV and WLV have created their own homepages and there is no need for further another german race calendar for races <42 km. I removed my pages concerning this races. Because the DLV does not support DUV races, I present a race calendar of the DUV. My source is the DUV magazine "UltraMarathon".

If you want to add any ultra race, please use the template I have prepared and mail it to If you want to add other information, please send me a mail.

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Electronic Sources of Information

Running Publications (Print) in Germany

How to register to a race in Germany

There are 4 different types of races in Germany. It depends on the fact, wether the race is a championship or not. The DLV is the german association for athletics and arranges championships for nearly every sport. For ultrarunning (more than 42 km) there are no championships by the DLV.

 The DUV is the german association of ultrarunners. The DUV arranges some championships for ultrarunning.

See also the information from Helge Schroeter-Janssen.
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