Prof. Li Guojie



The Institute of Computing Technology
 P.O.Box 2704
Beijing 100080

Tel: (8610) 62541341

Fax: (8610) 62527488



 1962—1968 Beijing University  Bachelor
 1978—1981 The Institute of Computing Technology, CAS  Master
 1981—1985 Purdue University, U.S.A  Ph.D.

Current Positions:

Director of Institute of computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Member of Chinese Academy of Engineering
Fellow of The Third World Academy of Sciences(TWAS)
Chairman of a Council of China Computer Federation (CCF)
Member of The Advisory Committee for State Informatization
Vice chairman of the strategic expert committee in information area of the second national high-tech R&D program (S-863, 2001-2010).
Chief Editor of Journal of Computer Science and Technology (CCF publication)
Dean of Information School of Zhejiang University
Main Research Topics

Awards and Prizes

Brief Biography:

Li Guojie is perhaps the best-known researcher in China’s computer industry today. Under his leadership, the National Research Center for Intelligent Computing Systems—a project to build the next generation of parallel intelligent computers for China—has designed and developed many prototypes that allowed China to leapfrog its computer technology. The resulting systems have put to use and have led to many subsequent spin-offs in China and elsewhere. Li also provided a systematic method to design VLSI processor arrays, integrating unique, high-efficiency algorithms for parallel processing.

Scientific Publications:

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* Published in Chinese