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DFG-Schwerpunktprogramm 1126
'Algorithmic Aspects of Large and Complex Networks'

Integration of Network Design and Fleet Assignment in Airline Optimization

Project description:

Network Design:
The airline network design problem appears in the long-term planning phase of an airline. The goal is to decide for a given flight network which arcs can be eliminated or added. The proposed solution must take the passenger flow in the network into account and also the aircraft flow of the airline. The passenger flow is modeled as a minimum cost multicommodity flow. The model for the aircraft flow must be feasible for the fleet assignment problem.

Fleet Assignment:
Given a set of legs (non-stop flight connections) and a set of subfleets (different types of airplanes), the basic fleet assignment problem is to find the profit-maximal (or cost-minimal) assignment that satisfies
  • cover constraints: all legs have to be covered by exactly one subfleet
  • flow constraints: the number of incoming legs flown by a subfleet must equal the number of outgoing legs of the same subfleet
  • number of subfleet: the assignment needs no more than the given number of each subfleet
  • integrality: only integral numbers of subfleet can be assigned
Project goal:
Integration of algorithmic solutions for the both planning processes and development of methods for planning in the context of airline alliances.

Project start:

Project members:
Georg Kliewer

  Georg Kliewer