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»Integrating Mobile Ad Hoc Networks into the Internet«

Christian Schindelhauer  and Franz Rammig

Welcome to the web-site of the project group »Integrating Mobile Ad Hoc Networks into the Internet« of summer semester 2005 and winter semester 2004/2005


  • 2005-05-16: Because of the small number of applicants this project group has been canceled
  • 2005-04-04: End of registration at the first meeting, Thursday, 2005/04/14, 6pm, F1.310
  • 2004-01-31: First announcement Mo 31 Jan, 4 pm  Fr. 15 Oct, 4pm, F2.211
  • 2004-01-31: Registration starts now and ends 2005/04/14. To register send an Email to Christian Schindelhauer


Registration is not possible. The project group has been canceled.

General Information

A project group with this very topic will be announced for the winter term 2005/2006.

An overview of all project groups in the Computer Science Department can be found here.

For studying for a master degree of computer science at the University of Paderborn students need to participate at a one-year project group (module of 26 credit points). Previously, a project group was part of the third section of the studies for Diploma of Computer Science.

The project group lasts two semesters and students work there in a team on a topic close to current research. The team consists of 6 to 15 students and learning and practicing team work itself is one of the goals.

For more information we refer to the following (German) pages:

Created: 30.01.2005
Last change: 17.04.2005
Christian Schindelhauer (email: schindel@upb.de)