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»Designing Peer-to-Peer Networks«

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Christian Schindelhauer


  • 2004-11-11: The schedules for all presentations is available, see Sessions
  • 2004-10-05: First meeting and end of registration: Friday, 2004-10-15, 2 pm, F1.110


For some load balancing between seminars the structure of this seminar is changed. We have now two tracks. Students have to decide in which track they participate. Students of both tracks have to participate in all all mandatory sessions of both tracks (see sessions).
  • Track A

    In this track participants can present their own ideas regarding Peer-to-Peer networks. Participants have to do two presentations: The first in December 2004 and the second on March 21st, 2005. Much emphasis is given to the written submission to be delivered on March 22nd, 2005.
  • Track B

    This track is a classical seminar and can be seen as a side track of the seminar "Perlen der Theoretischen Informatik" concentrating on Peer-to-Peer-Networks. The participants present the contents of a research paper. They submit a hand-out on January 13th, 2005. The presentation is scheduled at the end of the semester. For the evaluation the presentation is of higher importance than the written hand-out.
Christian Schindelhauer
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