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Algorithms and Complexity

»Algorithms of the Internet«


Christian Schindelhauer


21 authors contributed 14 papers to this Seminar with an overall number of 205 pages. Including source documents and figures 70 MBytes of compressed data wer submitted. The papers had 244 references. Hence, some 2,000 pages of literature were read by all the participants.

17 students helped in the anonymous review process. All the reviewers wrote 70 review reports which now results in four awarded papers. For the best paper award student reviewers and I unanimously decided for the same paper. On the second position of the students' reviewers ranking two papers shared the same evaluation. Therefore the students' choice is shared between two papers.

The evaluation meeting took place on Monday 2004-09-30. And the winners are ...
    • Best Paper: Alexander Gretencord and Max Ziegler
      for »Security Mechanisms of the Internet«

    • Students' Choice Award: Marcus Werner
      for »Peer-to-Peer Networks«

    • Students' Choice Award: Robert Traussnig
      for »Algorithms for Web Search Engines«

    • Advisor's Choice Award: Andreas Benthin and Stefan Mischke
      for »Bandwidth Allocation of TCP«

Review Process

All participants of this Seminar are invited to participate in the review process. For this every student can download a review form, where she/he can anonymously evaluate an assigned set of contributions of other students. For evaluation paper will be made available for download on this web-page. This evaluation is absolutely voluntary.

For evalutation you can download the following contributions given as portable document file (pdf) and a compressed file containing the full contribution.

In this seminar three papers will be awarded. Every awarded author will receive grade 1 (very good):

  1. Best paper award
    (combines students' evaluation forms with the advisor's opinion)
  2. Best students' choice
    (solely based on the students' evaluation forms)
  3. Best advisor's choice
    (solely based on the opinion of the advisor)

All awards will be announced on this web-site. The best paper award and best student's choice award may be canceled, if not enough students participate in the review process.

Written Assignment

The deadline for the written assigment is Wednesday, 2004-08-04, midnight.

The success of the participation of this seminar depends heavily on the quality of the written assignment, which focusses on an overview of recent or important research results on algorithmic aspects of the assigned topic. The document must be written in English (American-English). As a compulsory format the authors must use LATeX and BIBTeX. The written assigment must be delivered electronically, eg. via EMail. The contribution must contain all source files and a compiled PDF-Version of the document.

Page limitations and further layout restrictions will be discussed in the seminar and will be published here on this web-page (see also slides of the first meeting).

Style guide

Here is a short check-list for submitting your written assignment

  1. Document formatting
    1. Produce documents via pdflatex
    2. Document encoding is Unix-style ASCII, i.e. no DOS or MAC text encoding.
    3. The document class is article.
    4. Include your abstract within the lines
            Monochromatic pest control is one of the hottest topics in ....
      The size of the abstract is limited to at most one page.
    5. Make a separate title page with the following information
      1. Number of your topic 01-18
      2. Original title of your topic
      3. Name of authors
      4. EMail-Address (may be written as name(at)uni-paderborn.de as a protection against SPAM-Mail)
      5. Organizer (Christian Schindelhauer)
      6. University of Paderborn
      7. Date: August, 4th, 2004
      8. Immatriculation Nr.
    6. Insert the following lines into your preamble (thanks to Marcus Werner)
      Then, numbering of \subsubsection is suppressed
    7. You may use \subsubsection* and \paragraph
    8. Do not add table of contents, nor table of figures.
    9. Graphic files should be embedded as PDF-Documents wtih Package graphicx.
    10. All graphic files occur in figure environment with captions. Use standard options [htbp], i.e. figures occur near the text where they are referenced. Figures must be referenced in the paper.
    11. Reference within the text using labels.
    12. \usepackage{a4wide}
    13. Single column style (no twocolumn)
    14. Use bibtex, Bibliography style alpha.
    15. Be carefull and accurate concerning references. Do not abbreviate the first names of authors.
  2. File naming, transfer
    1. Use three main files: Nr-Title.tex and Nr-Title.bib which produce Nr-title.pdf using pdflatex and bibtex, e.g. 01-The-Mobile-Internet. tex, 01-The-Mobile-Internet.bib, and 01-The-Mobile-Internet.pdf
    2. Figures are stored in the directory Figures/. All figures start with the number of the topic, e.g. Figure/01-overview-protocols.pdf.
    3. It is mandatory to cache cited Web-pages. For this the directory Docs/ is included in the same level as Figures and the main files. Web-pages start with the topic-nr, e.g. Docs/01-important-site.html or Docs/01-other-site/index.html, Docs/01-other-site/bla-frame.html,...
    4. Optionally, cited documents may be added to this directory. Please use as a filename the lastname(s) of the authors and the year, e.g. Docs/Einstein-31.pdf
    5. Prefer as document type PDF for PS for HTML. Other styles for this document repository are not allowed.
    6. For submission, provide a gzipped Tar-file containing all this files. Please mail this file to schindel@upb.de, or deliver a CD, or name a location where it can be downloaded via sftp or Web-download.
    7. You can submit a preliminary version and revise this version as often as necessary until the deadline.
    8. Strict deadline has been changed to August 4th 2004, 11.59 pm, CET.
    9. The PDF main document will be published on this web-page on August 5th.
  3. Page count
    1. Title, abstract, figures, tables and references do not account for the page count of 5-10 pages. For teams of two authors this account increases to 10-20 pages.
    2. Use a4wide.sty and 10pt.
    3. Exceptions for the page count can be made upon request.
  4. Style guides
    1. Have a look  at http://www.wsu.edu:8080/~brians/errors/errors.html#errors
    2. In case of doubts use an online dictionary like Leo.
    3. See also The Chicago Manual of Style.
    4. Even if you are only one author, write: "We present here algorithms for ..."
    5. Do not use abbreviations in titles, like "\subsection{TCP}". Write "\subsection{The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP)}" instead.
    6. Insert introductory text between section title and subsection title.

More information about formatting will be made available upon request.

Christian Schindelhauer,
Created: 2004-04-04
Last change:  2004-09-08