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Algorithms and Complexity

»Algorithms of the Internet«


Christian Schindelhauer


In this seminar we discuss algorithmic problems related to the Internet. The goal of this seminar is to learn to find, understand and summarize literature for a given topic. Besides the presentation the main issue is a written assignment. The first presentation is a talk for presenting the topic. The second talk summarizes relevant research in this topic. A written assignment completes this seminar.

Topics are:

  1. The mobile Internet
  2. P2P-networks
  3. Web caching
  4. Algorithms for Web search engines
  5. The structure of the Web
  6. Security mechanisms of the Internet
  7. Denial of service attacks
  8. Worms, viruses, and Spam
  9. Epidemic algorithms
  10. The Domain Name System (DNS)
  11. Bandwidth allocation of TCP
  12. Routing algorithms of IP
  13. Broadcasting and Multicasting in IP
  14. The self-organization of the Internet
  15. Grid computing
  16. The Border Gateway protocol (BGP)
  17. IPv6
  18. Digital auctions
The registration has closed on the first meeting on Monday, April 19th, 2004. Here you can find the slides of the first meeting (PPT/PDF).

Christian Schindelhauer,
Created: 2004-04-04
Last change:  2004-08-01