Reading Class: Heterogeneous Dynamic Communication Networks

Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide
Ulrich Rückert
Christian Schindelhauer

WS 2002/2003




This reading class focuses on recent results on networks that are The class aims to cover the range from theoretical foundations to technical realizations, with an emphasis on the interplay between these disciplines.

Participants are expected to give a seminar based on recent research results, discuss the topics and formulate new research problems.

Alphabetical List of Participants

Research Interests
Marcin Bienkowski
Routing and Data Management Variable Bandwith Networks
Meyer auf der Heide
Olaf Bonorden
Heterogeneous Networks, Bulk Synchronous Parallel Computing
Meyer auf der Heide
Matthias Grünewald matthias.gruenewald@
Mobile Ad Hoc Networks, Ressource Efficient System Architectures
Miroslaw Korzeniowski
Peer-to-peer Networks
Meyer auf der Heide
Friedhelm Meyer auf der Heide (+)
Algorithms, Complexity, Parallel Computing
Jörg-Christian Niemann niemann@hni.
Resource Efficient Multi/Network Processors
Orhan Orhan
Bluetooth, Scatternets
Mario Porrmann (*)
Novel Network Processor Architectures
Harald Räcke (*)
Routing and Data Management
Meyer auf der Heide
Jacek Roslak
Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Ulrich Rückert (+)
Massively Parallel Architectures
Stefan Rührup
Mobile Ad Hoc Networking
Meyer auf der Heide
Christian Schindelhauer (+)
Communication Network Problems
Erik Vonnahme vonnahme@hni.
Ethernet Switching
Klaus Volbert
Mobile Ad Hoc Networking
Meyer auf der Heide
Rolf Wanka (*)
Load Balancing

(+): Organizers
(*): Participants with senior status (and optional presentation)

Special Interest Groups

The following groups were formed at the launch meeting. Regular group meetings will be organized by the members. Please inform me about details as soon as possible and I will display them on this site. Futhermore, group material can be collected and presented on this site.
Christian Schindelhauer

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