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Research Group Codes and Cryptography

Cryptography: Provable Security (WS 2007)

Topics [^]

We discuss several advanced security concepts like semantic security. We also describe several techniques to design systems that meet these strong security requirements. In particular, we discuss:

Module information [^]

For further information see the corresponding section in the module handbook (in german only).

Examination [^]

There will be two opportunities for an oral examination after the lectures have finished.


Dates [^]

Lecture notes [^]

This course will make use of the literature given below. Beside this, there will be no lecture notes for this course.

Exercises [^]

Here we will publish the exercises.

Literature [^]


Bellare, Rogaway: Lecture Notes on "Introduction to Modern Cryptography", University of California, San Diego, 2004--2005. Lecture notes available online!


Goldreich: "Foundations of Cryptography, Volume 1: Basic Tools", Cambridge University Press, 2001. ISBN: 0-521-79172-3. Early draft version available online!


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